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Salamat sa Pagbisita

Ang site na ito ay para sa tagalog na tula (poem). Ang mga nilalaman ng Blog na ito ay purong orihinal na gawa ng may akda. Ano mang isyu hinggil sa mga post ay maaaring idulog sa page na ito. Maraming salamat.

Lunes, Hunyo 17, 2013

I'm Loving that Girl

Hot sun gets even hotter
As it signals for the blooming of flowers
This time hearts grow fonder
Like a falling leaf on a flowing river

Skies are clear and feelings are vague
Sometimes I let her, sometimes I beg
And clock runs round and round
'till quandary is all i found

We split like twigs of tree
Half committed, quarterly free
Lurid words, drive poem crazy
Astonished and confused like quarterly

A butterfly flew on my lonesome heart
Just like a dot, there all it starts
It paints a dawn with gray
And abyss on the morning rays

That butterfly has pollen on her feet
And I know she'll leave, after we met
But I'll stay on shower of falling sleet
While setting my back ready for my defeat

As she waves her wings, she made a swirl
I can't move as she bid farewell
'cause deep inside I can feel
That oh! I'm loving that girl.